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I don’t like waking up with this feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything. Like, yes body, you just woke up, obviously we have not done anything yet, stop making me feel so guilty! :(

It’s tough having everyone in your life be very secure in their roles - despite the crises we are all going through of course, but in terms of being committed to a certain static lifestyle. I wish I had someone with all the same resources and opportunities as myself who could just leave life for a month or two or three to be a bum and tramp the world me.

it's a lonely existence

I feel like I keep kind of making jokes about it being my last day, and realistically it’s not a big deal that I’m leaving my job… But then I realize that with it being only July and me not going back to school this year, this is actually going to be the first time that I’ll be completely unbound by anything. It’ll be my first time being unemployed for a prolonged period of time basically since I started working at 15/16 - not to mention the first September I’ll be not attending school in ~18 years. For the next few months I really have anything, everything, and nothing at all ahead of me and it’s kind of scarily exhilarating! I hope I can make the best of this opportunity.

wow wtf life

Isn’t it strange how you can spend your whole day surrounded by people you love and still come out of it feeling lonely?

How has no one invented a way to lose weight while eating pizza yet?

All I wanna eat lately is pizza or burgers gah

Edit: just got a craving for Pringles.

My naive desire to give everyone my whole-hearted trust has backfired yet again! Spirit is a little flagged, but luckily one asshole is not enough to destroy my faith in humanity. I didn’t realize people could be so gross though.


I wish there was a way to take your body back from someone who stole it from you.